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About Elevation Finance

Company History

Elevation Finance was created to help businesses and non-profits improve financial performance.

We will be your greatest financial ally to guide you through turbulent financial conditions, and relieve you of time demands by managing your businesses financial processes.

We have more than 20 years of experience in accounting and finance, and have worked with startups, small and local businesses, non-profits, and multi-national corporations.

With our diverse experience, you can be assured that you are working with a top-tier financial partner that can truly help you elevate your financial performance.

The man is carefully looking over a business report, studying the graphs and charts. He is likely doing some bookkeeping and trying to find areas where the company can improve.

Leadership Team

Jason Freeman

Strategic Accountant, MBA

M.B.A. International Business, John Brown University
B.S.B.A Accounting, University of Arkansas
B.S.B.A Marketing, University of Arkansas

What We Do

Elevation Finance helps businesses and non-profits gain a better understanding of their financial performance.

By helping you manage your businesses financial activities and accounting cycle, we can give you your time back to focus on more productive activities. We provide insights and guidance so you can elevate your performance, and we help you better understand where your greatest growth opportunities are.

Let’s connect the dots.

Financial & Accounting Services for businesses and non-profits. Let's talk about how Elevation Finance can help you succeed.
Financial & Accounting Services for businesses of any size. Let's talk about how Elevation Finance can help your business succeed.